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There are many wonderful areas to live in Abu Dhabi with the city split into three main areas – Abu Dhabi Island, Abu Dhabi Mainland and Saadiyat Island. The choice for housing is quite vast and truly depends on your lifestyle and family. There is luxurious apartment living close to the city centre and The Corniche, compound living with large villas, beach -side living and also large stand-alone suburban housing.

For further advice on housing areas please consult the Outpost Abu Dhabi Housing Guide in the Fact Sheets Section of our online library. Please keep in mind you must be logged in to access all of our guides.

Here are some top tips when choosing an area in Abu Dhabi:

  • For families with school age children it is highly recommended to settle on the school first which may dictate where you decide to live. Traffic can be very heavy at peak times throughout the day. Having the family near the school can help tremendously. The same can also be said for the vicinity to work.
  • Without a driving license you may want to live in an area where you can access all your needs either on foot or by taxi, as there is limited public transportation.
  • Familiarise yourself with the areas of Abu Dhabi. All areas are unique and offer something a little different.
  • Rent is generally paid annually.
  • Contracts are renegotiated annually and rent can be increased at this time. The increase is market dictated. There is a 60 day notification period for rental increases.
  • White goods are generally not included and are purchased at own cost.
  • When moving in to your new home ensure that there is a “deep-clean” performed; Otherwise you may find that the cleaning is not up to your normal standard when moving into your new property.


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