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Standards of primary and secondary education are generally high, with many schools recruiting European, Australian, Canadian and American qualified teachers. Most curriculum is available in Abu Dhabi including International Baccalaureate, US, British, Canadian, Indian, German and French. There is of course also local Emerati schools. However, you should note that for certain ages, places at popular schools are at a premium. Unfortunately, it will be even more difficult to find places for children with special needs. 

The Outpost Abu Dhabi Team have significant experience with multiple curriculum and schools and can give you information on the current situation of schooling in Abu Dhabi. 

You are advised to contact the schools as early as possible to inform them of your children's educational needs, and send them details of previous educational history and school reports in advance of your arrival. The school week runs from Sunday to Thursday, though hours may vary.

In Abu Dhabi all schools fall under the management of the Abu Dhabi Education council (ADEC). ADEC releases a report every year after inspecting all schools and assessing their standard. Every school is graded into one of three bands. For further information on these reporting mechanisms contact the schools of your choice. Whilst reporting can be of some assistance in helping to short list schools, it is important to also find the best 'fit' for your child and your family's needs.

ADEC will require the following for any student transfer:

• Transfer certificate from previous UAE school or leaving report from school abroad. This should report dates the child entered and left the school and name of last class completed. The certificate should be written on school headed paper and be signed and stamped by the head teacher/principal.
• Original birth certificate and photocopy.
• Copy of passport (child and parent sponsor).
• Copy of residence visa (child and parent sponsor).
• Four passport size photographs.

Most schools will also ask for vaccination records.

Shell policy regarding the reimbursement of schooling/nursery fees can be found on the Shell intranet.

Mother Tongue

Shell  encourages the learning of a mother-tongue language by Shell employee's dependents. For further information regarding the policies relating to this please refer to the Shell intranet.

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