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Secondary Education

There are many private international schools in Abu Dhabi, and almost all will have a secondary school. Most of the schools in the area provide schooling from a Preschool age to Grade 12/13. A number of the newer schools offer limited grades but will continue to expand as each year advances through their system. With a large range of curricula available, it can be intimidating to wade through the range of options on offer. 

As soon as you are aware of your move, securing a school should be your number one priority as places are at a premium. These places are highly competitive particularly in the American, British and International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula. Our Shell families tend to choose a program that mirrors the characteristics of their home country or uses an internationally recognised framework such as the IB Program. There are numerous schools providing each of the different programs and one should familiarise themselves with the differences as well as length of time required to fulfil all academic requirements.

The standard of education in Abu Dhabi tends to be quite high, but can vary from one school to another. The same can also be said for quality of facilities, teaching style and language of delivery. Most of our Shell families are very happy with the standard of education their children receive in Abu Dhabi.

Individual class sizes rarely exceed 22-24.

Outpost Abu Dhabi is a great source of information when it comes to discussing the educational needs of your children. Whilst we do not organise school tours, nor does Shell guarantee places for students at your chosen school we are happy to assist where practical in answering your questions.


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